Myleene Klass, ‘PC’ and PCs

414px-Myleene_Klass_--_Greatest_Britons - From WikipaediaThis is a long story in celebrity terms…but stay with me.  It’s one of those tales where we can’t tell who’s version of what happened is actually the right one – so many versions of what happened it’s like a Celebrity Rashomon! It starts some weeks ago when Myleene Klass commented that immigrants to the UK should actually learn to speak English in order to help them assimilate better.  This is such a common sense suggestion that it actually beggars belief that it’s worth reporting on.  Klass’s own family background suggests that this is a good move; her mother is from the Philippines and Klass herself has clearly managed to fit in to the UK.  She also dared to make a few comments about issues that are frequently referred to as being ‘politically correct’ – and that’s probably the point at which she started showing on the liberal / media establishment radar as someone to keep a weather-eye on…

Time moves on – a few weeks later, 2 local teenagers trespassed on Klass’s property, apparently attempting to break in to her garden shed.  She was alone in the house with her young child, and did what most of us would have done – told the little scrotes to go away, unfortunately for her whilst holding or waving a kitchen knife.  From within her house, through the window. 

Here’s where it gets interesting; the police who arrived allegedly gave her the telling off for waving the knife, which was referred to as an offensive weapon.  The police later denied this, but the media storm was unleashed with folks coming down mainly on her side of the argument.  The police behaviour was reported by Klass’s spokesman.  Life now gets complicated; it appears from a report in The Guardian that Klass’s agent and Klass herself both called the Police, and that the only comment made by the police (according to the Police) was that Klass should have contacted them sooner.

If you take a look at the comments following the Guardian story, it’s pointed out how it’s rare for The Guardian to take the Police side of a story at face value.  There were also a few comments from the Grauniad readers that, to be honest, were snobbish.  Comments on the ‘classiness’ of someone’s name shouldn’t reflect on how the story is reported, after all.  Complete with ‘Sun’ style photo mock-up of Ms Klass wielding a knife.  hello?  I assume this is ‘ironic’.  It just appears to me that the Guardian writer was using the trespass issue to take a swipe at someone for daring to criticise political correctness, and that a lot of ‘liberal’ readers of the Gruadian found a useful ‘two minute hate’ topic for the day.   Can we expect the same standard of reporting from the Ruardinag when one of it’s favourite (and oh so politically correct) luvvies hits the news like this?

No?  Why am I not surprised.  There seems to be a sequence of events here that indicates one of three things to me;total coincidence,  incompetence in the way that the story has been handled by media, police and Ms Klass’s PR people, or a non-too subtle attempt by the current establishment to slap a celebrity for saying the wrong thing.  A warning that although you’re a celeb, say the wrong thing and we can still swat you like a fly.

In other words, coincidence, cock-up or conspiracy.  You choose.