I write fiction and non-fiction, articles, scripts and books. I’m available for bespoke writing assignments, and should you be interested in seeing further samples of my work for production or publication, please contact me.

I’m a published author with a couple of hundred articles to my credit, as well as several books, including The Chaos Cookbook and ‘Newnes Shortwave Listening Handbook’. Here are some PDF samples of my non-fiction.

Chapter 7 of The Chaos Cookbook
The Movie Star and the Secret Weapon– Heddy Lamarr and Spread Spectrum Technology.

Short Fiction
I am still finalising my first collection of short stories. An example is Repeat Performance.

Film and TV Scripts
I have ‘on spec’ scripts available for TV and film. A short sample of my work, extracted from a full and completed script, is the beginning of Dust Before The Wind. I also have experience of script editing and short and low budget feature production.