About Me

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Thanks for dropping by my blog; if you’ve visited this page before you’re right – I have edited it…again!  As you’ll see if you go right to the beginning, I kicked this blog off in February 2008 with a post about T-Mobile’s ‘Web-n-Walk’ service.  I then did a fair amount of blogging in 2010 through to 2012, then fell off the blogging map for a while as life took over.  Well, here I am again…

A few things about me – I’m an IT professional based in Sheffield, where I work part time for a local engineering consultancy and freelance the rest of the time.  I’m also a Reader in the Church of England.

Why the Pictures?

I take a lousy photo, as can be seen in the picture top right.  I eventually chose to use a picture of me painted by my God-daughter (top left) on Facebook and such.

Blog Editorial Policy

I’m not sure I have an editorial policy for this blog.  One of my inspirations in terms of writing was George Orwell, particularly his essays and non-fiction.  He also wrote a regular column for Tribune magazine, called ‘As I Please’, which was a combination of political articles, articles about DiY, his writing life, etc.  In other words, he wrote about whatever floated his boat at the time.  And that’s exactly what I do here.