A great site – www.thisisawar.com

Earlier on today I was looking for the text of the ‘vision thing’ speech from the start of Jerry Maguire.  As to why I was looking for it – let’s just say I needed some motivation.  For those of you who’ve not encountered it, I include it here for your consideration.

And by some strange fluke I encountered, by accident, a site that is one of the most motivational and uplifting I’ve encountered for a very long time.  It’s great!  There’s some excelent stuff here – I intend having a very good read of it, and I heartily recommend it to you!

The site is called thisisawar.com.


Link Listing in WordPress

WordPress supports the ‘Blogroll’ model for links, which works fine for links but I wanted to be able to put together a series of pages listing links on different subjects for my CommunityNet project.

For example, I wanted to have links grouped into such topics as ‘Think Tanks’, ‘Animal Welfare Groups’, etc.  I couldn’t work out a way of doing this in a manageable fashion through the existing WordPress functionality.  I had a look around for Plugins but found nothing that seemed sensible for what I wanted, so I decided to ‘homebrew’. 

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