Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

  • re. interns for Bankers going to Tories – same in ALL industries – including creative – it's who you know. Get real, people. It happens. #
  • RT @bebackedup: Why a bad backup's worse than no backup at all…we explain at the BeBackedUp Blog – #
  • Urgent Sheffield contract requirement – HTML5 / Javascript / Canvas Object and knowledge of graphic file formats. DM me for details. #
  • Urgently required – JavaScript / HTML5 for Canvas based graphics proj. Knowledge of graphics file formats a +. DM for details. #
  • #sheffield Urgently required – JavaScript / HTML5 for Canvas based graphics proj. Knowledge of graphics file formats a +. DM for details. #
  • RT @bilbobaggins2k: RT @Classifeeds: ?Sharm El Sheikh 'n' vac and put the freshness back, guaranteed to clean up after Mu-ba-rak? #
  • Does anyone know when #Fringe starts again on #Sky1 Having withdrawal symptoms here!! #
  • …false idea of safety is a bad one. #
  • RT @Fraser3008: Seeking businesses looking for funding either loan or equity I have Ā£1.5 million fund available. #
  • Never trust a cat-teaser….RT @DavidAllenGreen: From @helenlewis, how Julian Assange actually enjoys tormenting cats: #
  • Windows / Nokia collaboration – got to be good! #
  • #Mubarak #Egypt – will depend upon how the military from Captain's down decide their loyalties – all up for grabs. #
  • #egypt – heading for a Prague Spring moment…will the people carry the day or will the military save #Mubarak #039;s arse? #
  • #Mubarak – longest political suicide note since the 1983 Labour Party Manifesto…expecting tanks in the studio any time now! #
  • Prolonged use of hair dye clearly fucks up the brain…#mubarak There will be bloodshed if he doesn't go now. #
  • And on that – I need to go, eat, and work. #
  • Will last lines of Mubarak's speech be 'So long, and thanks for all the dosh, I'm out of here!' #
  • Writing Help pages for products is a tedious but necessary evil…. #
  • Commons voted against giving prisoners vote. Excellent news. If people breach the social contract, why should they have the vote? #
  • RT @StarSparkle_UK: RT @CatFoodBreath: A heart that loves a cat is always young. #
  • Hi @saulcozens IPSV? Isn't that what we used to call 'English'? šŸ™‚ in reply to saulcozens #
  • Sheffield mini cab drivers are like vicars – they help you get closer to God…but by trying to kill you. #
  • Re. Andres Stunell being human shield for Eric Pickles – @jamesgraham , @StarSparkle_UK – he must be a BIG man… šŸ™‚ in reply to StarSparkle_UK #
  • RT @twuncut: can I blag a RT? Tunbridge Wells Uncut need a graphic artist to design a "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" graphic. #
  • RT @lostrelics: Sole looter who made it into Egyptian museum was arrested next to a statue of Sekhmet – Goddess of protection. #
  • Having fun getting our new startup – @bebackedup – out there. We have paying customers! Exciting times! #
  • Tuesday has landed….or rather it landed on me in the form of both our cats who visited simultaneously at 5-30…. #
  • More poor sf from BBC. @Wendy_Wells #outcasts is so poor compared to the old series Earth 2 that had similar scenario. in reply to Wendy_Wells #
  • Well, off I go into startup land again with – or follow us @bebackedup #

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