Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • Off to Church! #
  • RT @esmerael: Missing Cat in Hillsborough/Walkley area of Sheffield. Loved and missed. Please take a look and RT. #
  • D'OH!!! RT @bilbobaggins2k: RT @Dave_Plummer: Bloody hell, there really are KitKats in the #Netrootsuk lunch bags. Might seem trivial but .. #
  • RT @davidallengreen: Instead the State, and your Labour government, sought to undermine/censor/intercept/store social media use. #Netrootsuk #
  • RT @davidallengreen: Dear socialists at #Netrootsuk all the social media you are celebrating was provided by private enterprise – not state #
  • Who will write a modern 'Nebraska' for a new recession? #
  • Groupon problems? via @dkberman: How to lose money, fast. A Groupon merchant's experience from hell. #
  • Headbangers on left going on about Clegg's Russian aristocrat ancestors killing millions of subjects…like Stalin and Mao, then? Idiots. #
  • #uksnow S6 2/10 – very fine, almost sleet / drizzle. Fingers crossed! #
  • #uksnow s6 2/10 – now fine snow / sleet? Still settled. #
  • RT @StarSparkle_UK: RT @MercuryTaxis: Roads around Crookes, Crosspool, Walkley, Fulwood, Lodge Moor, Ranmoor and Ecclesall very poor #
  • #uksnow S6 5/10 – slight improvement. #
  • RT @SCCPressOffice: Check out @TravelSYorks for all bus service disruption #
  • The remains of last night's treacle pudding and custard make a fine winter breakfast… #fb #
  • #uksnow S6 7/10 #
  • RT cllr_mikeharris: ironic that I've been asked to provide passport or driving licence to attend Clegg's speech on evils of ID cards #
  • I had dreams last night in which I dreamt I woke up and wrote down details of my dreams…then realised I was still dreaming. SIX TIMES! #
  • Oh Twitter spammers, how you pathetic search algorithms fail you. I took the piss out of 'Big Pharma' and am now followed by a Pharma co. #
  • Hi @PeterPannier Possibly older 'traditional' voters, maybe Muslim vote and other 'faith' vote could fail. @StarSparkle_UK @guidofawkes in reply to PeterPannier #
  • RT @Marthalanefox: RT @ameliagentleman: Vanity Fair on the Guardian, Assange and Wikileaks #
  • So…tamiflu stocks will be used – they needed to whip up panic in last month, now use and replace drugs. Big pharmacy must be happy! #
  • FFS – Sky News are already discussing the minutiae of the Royal Wedding. Will to live slipping…slipping…. #fb #
  • I'm embarrassed to say that when I hear fellow software developers talking theory, I'm feel as dumb as a slab of concrete…. #fb #
  • RT @leashless: RT @askpang: Thoughtful piece about "the girl effect" in development thinking: #
  • Sigh…always OUR fault…..RT @guardiantech: How the Facebook generation keeps people poor | Jonathan Glennie #
  • RT @lostrelics: When we start taking words out of history in the name of PC we only give light to them, we make them more offensive. #
  • Tell me about 4N Hillsborough – I'm a Trustee / Director of Hillsborough Forum… #
  • OK – time to hit 2011 around the head and dooooo IT! #
  • I have become a feline chef – poached prawns, rice and turkey for older recuperating cat. Might eat it myself… #fb #

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