Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • So…weapons sold to Bahrain in 2009…New Labour, what a surprise. Just thought I'd mention it before it all gets blamed on Coalition. #
  • Still think 'The Guardian' is relevant to most of us? I bring you this – restaurants who advise which salt to use. #fb #
  • Heresy time…what will people actually DO with 40Mb Broadband? Given food poverty, is this to keep us quiet and off the streets? #
  • Alternatively – are Govt U-turns indicative that Tory Grandees have suggested to Govt. that revolution is a bad idea? #
  • To @Ed_Miliband re. U-turns on forests & housing benefit show gov't incompetent. Or maybe they're listening? More than NewLab did. in reply to Ed_Miliband #
  • RT @UKPovertyPost: Food poverty on the rise among working people as austerity Britain hits home: < watch #c4news#
  • RT @AbiNielsen: RT @mysociety: We are seeking help seeking female coders: All help really appreciated #
  • via @iaindale: Absolutely staggered that we're still giving aid to India, a country which has its own space programme. £300m this year. #
  • Kym's a good egg!! RT @Kym1982: Looking for job opportunites in #Sheffield connected with marketing, media, networking….can anyone help? #
  • RT @leashless: RT @monstris: Protests schedule: Bahrain #feb14 Libya #feb17 Algeria #feb19 Morocco #feb20 Cameroon #feb23 Kuwait #Mar8 #

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