Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • Off to church! #fb #
  • Happy New Year to all! #
  • scurvy was reported in uk in 2009 – NuLab legacy, I'm afraid. @thesocialistway in reply to thesocialistway #
  • Number 1 Twitter Don't for me – Don't tell me how to use Twitter. I'll be polite and play nice. Shoudl be enough. @TweetSmarter in reply to TweetSmarter #
  • So, tell me Crystal, what first attracted you to world-famous, octogenenarian multi-millionaire Hugh Heffner? #
  • Re. Assange getting $1.3 for autobiography – I trust we'll be able to inspect his bank statements and see what he spends it on? No? #
  • Gove / Bookstart – feels like the BBC threats to cut Radio 6 and final 'people power' reprieve. What's happening elsewhere? #
  • Booktrust – at the risk of getting stoned, is this scheme REALLY that important? Willing to be convinced. #booktrust #
  • RT @iosefward: RT @edyong209: 2011 mission: breed extremophile bacteria that survives only on Dettol. Just to piss off Dettol. #

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