Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • Off to Church! #
  • Another old classic – 'Carry on Screaming' – hard to beat! 'Frying tonight!' #
  • Apparently people getting iPads for Christmas? Clearly more money around this economy than I'm seeing… #
  • Christmas Dr Who – some good ideas but the shark has been pole-vaulted…. #fb #
  • Back from Church – Merry Christmas everyone and God bless us, everyone! #
  • Morecambe, Wise and Previn – brilliant comedy from gentle men. 🙂 #
  • Still feeling slightly bleurgh today – muscle aches mainly. Expect grumpiness. 🙂 #
  • Sigh…another reason why Patent Law in the US sucks and why we should take care not to see it in UK / EU. #
  • via @Leeallens: Maybe on both sides of Atlantic we need to stop traveling so much until common sense reigns? #
  • RT @kennyellaway: im testing out a radio station, click and let me know what you thing #
  • #Assange lawyers complain of document leak. This was bought to you by the Robot Hell Ironic Punishments Division… #
  • Days like this I wish my thyroid was a bit over-active again….like having a nuclear reactor running inside! (PS – God, only kidding!!) #
  • RT @icpchad: @StarSparkle_UK TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2010 Wiki-Stinks of Cointelpro #WikiLeaks #
  • Damn right there! RT @icpchad: Don't lose any sleep over Assange…the machine pays him well to play his part is this pathetic little drama. #

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