Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-19

  • Off to Church – icy day in Sheffield! #
  • RT @iaindale: Read my Mail on Sunday article on Why the Left Worship the 'God' of Wikileaks It's, er, caused a bit… #
  • My take on Wikileaks – – and @iaindale on Assange – #
  • RT @UKuncut: We have been FAR more effective at shutting stuff today than the snow has, but the snow gets all the coverage. #payday #
  • RT @UKuncut: Dear news: snow is boring, thousands of people hitting the streets to shut down tax dodgers is not. #payday #
  • RT @PennyRed: Tax enforcement society has now occupied HSBC on oxford street. About 150 now. #
  • RT @UKuncut: Whist the TV news gets giddy about the snow, thousands of people have braved it to shut down tax dodgers across the country. #
  • RT @PennyRed: 'This is one of fifty three occupations in high street stores across the country today. We are everywhere!' #payday #ukuncut #
  • Another reason to boycott Topshop / BHS… .RT @PennyRed: Security tells me: 'put your phone away or you will be removed from the building. #
  • Even better, Jobsy, – lets make a dent in exploitation…..RT @Iconic88: "Let's make a dent in the universe." Steve Jobs #
  • Hello @coolnewjobs Maybe your auto-reply system needs tweaking? I need a new job like a Jobs needs Windows… in reply to coolnewjobs #
  • Mark Thompson says we need a channel like Fox News. Mark Thompson needs a brain and a new job. #
  • reminded by @rosycottage – Global Warming has ALWAYS been a misnomer – it's climate change, people. Remember that. CHANGE can mean cold… #
  • OK…it's Saturday, I'm in Sheffield…where is Snowmageddon, please? If you forecasters can't be more accurate, STOP CRYING WOLF!!! #
  • RT @mysticventures: Went to the bank to borrow a cup of money. They said, "What for?" I said, "I'm going to buy some sugar." ~ Steven Wright #
  • #sheffield – are 95 and 123 bus services running? #
  • To all at #gistusb1 won't be making it tonight – have a great time! #
  • RT @worldtreeman: let us bring love to the rat race #
  • I have just seen a turkey joint that cost 42 quid. Gobsmacked. #fb #
  • Well done to St Mary's School in Walkley for a superb Carol service this evening. #fb #
  • Interesting….RT @chris23: Assange's Extremist Employees #
  • US sues BP but not Haliburton… #
  • Given how much we're bailing the economy out, 'Time' magazine should put the US and UK taxpayer as their 'Person of the Year' #fb #
  • A no-go zone? RT @PennyRed: They've made the whole area around Scotland Yard 'sterile'. Noone allowed in. No justice, no peace. #
  • RT @PennyRed: Police officers just told me that I am not allowed to protest outside Scotland yard and must instead go to the 'holding pen' #
  • Very sad. RT @iaindale: Why I have stopped blogging and quit party politics But I'll still be on Twitter! #
  • FT claims that Coalition drafting Economy Plan B- is this "Panic, run around, screw people and keep the banks happy?" – oops, thats Plan A!! #
  • Coalition majority in Lords is only 40; Nick Clegg must be quaking in his boots… #demo2010 #
  • RT @CllrBenCurran: RT @peterlord77: Dorset gets a .25% increase in funds, Doncaster gets 8.9% cut – most definitely not 'all in it together #
  • RT @chrismurray0: RT @kasumiastra: Disturbing account from a non-violent student fees protester. #demo2010 #
  • RT @william_summers: J.C. de Menezes shot dead, Ian Tomlinson killed, no police chief resignation. Camilla poked by stick, offer of resign.. #
  • RT @Preiskel: RT @pressgazette: No new phone-hack criminal charges because new evidence was too vague #
  • RT @lisaansell: RT @HSAFC: HULL UNI IS NOW OCCUPIED! Send messages of support to: #
  • RT @juliandobson: The heart of localism is making sure we get the ordinary things of life consistently right: #
  • Sunday dinner time – chicken curry, Nan Breads, rice. Then treacle pudding and custard later on this evening…. #fb #
  • Hmmmm…Clegg a Prince? No, just a frog! RT @philo_quotes: A prince never lacks legitimate reasons to break his promise. ~ Machiavelli #

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