Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • RT @Lisaansell: RT @fightoppression: On night before 9/11, New Yorkers voice strong support for Muslim community center #
  • RT @TweetSmarter: Chock full of good advice…& free: The 94-page Twitter Mania Manual [Word Doc] #
  • Bruce Springsteen, Bonny Rait, Richard Hawley, Anna Nalick….more Randomness! Spotify playlist: Random Jottings 2 #
  • LOL! Excellent! RT @tonycarroll: Pastor Terry Jones isn't the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy. #
  • In summer 2009 Twitter tried and failed to trademark 'Tweet' – that's probably why they have 'usage rules'… #
  • RT @Hills_Forum: Empty shops report reveals north/south divide in retail (via @NewStartMag) over 21% vacant in Sheffield #
  • RT @Donal_Blaney: via @iaindale Morons burning the Koran should read it and then argue their case with muslims. Crass act will backfire. #
  • Must so piss people off to see how generous we evil 'westerners' are…. (via Guardian) #
  • Onsite day today – hoping for a very focused day finishing a piece of work. #
  • Whoops! Up there with guy who didn't sign the Beatles! RT @TweetSmarter: Newsweek in 1995: Why the Internet will Fail. #
  • Bobby Diamond and Rich Ricci are the real names of Barclays Senior Managers…I kid you not. #
  • Ahhh…one of my less favourite jobs completed – cat litter tray emptying! #
  • RT @theintelligiser: Tip of the day – be strong people resist the urge to spend 5 minutes playing with today's Google logo b4 each search #
  • Intending a day of very focused development work…whether I'll manage it is another matter! #
  • Absolutely stunned that there are still some folks who think you can't be involved in regeneration work if you're 'middle class'….. #
  • New Blog Post – The Death of Google Wave – why I couldn't get my head around it… #
  • RT @JaneAstra: RT @tehgroon: the most shocking thing about these tabloid stories on Wayne Rooney is that he's figured out how to use skype #
  • In to Church and off the Net for now! #
  • Ahhhh….good to see that with stories of naughtiness in high places the UK press focuses on Wayne Rooney…. #
  • RT @dontgetfooled: RT @shadowsans: Full story of #metgate in today's New York Times. #
  • Good morning! Enjoying the relative quiet of the Bole Hills. #
  • I like it! RT @tonycarroll: RT @dancowling: Building A Community Development Program That Creates Real Change #
  • #Coulson apparently asked Guardian Journalist to try and keep telephone-tapping stories out of paper – #
  • RT @juliandobson: A sign of the times: the 'Regeneration in hard times' conference I was due to speak at this month has been cancelled. .. #
  • RT @johncusack: and for good measure– #
  • #sheffield #php #net – seeking some short, quick turnover development work to bolster cashflow over next month…. #
  • Replace cheap and effective tech with expensive tech…hmmmm…RT @guardiantech: iPhone set to replace the stethoscope #
  • Very sad – young and cheap wins out in Silicon Valley – #
  • Making fine progress on site mods – amazing how a combination of imminent bills and clients willing to pay quickly motivates you!! #
  • No bigot like an old bigot… #

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