Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-03

  • Journalists being prevented from getting near anti-jubilee protests by police, despite having press credentials. #jubileeprotest #
  • I'm sure that I just heard that the amount of gold leaf on the barge thingies is enough to cover a soccer pitch. Austerity? #
  • This flotilla – about to set out as a revenge raid on Holland fo the Medway raid in the 17th century? #
  • Osborne spending out of recession – clearly doing what he's told by the IMF! #
  • We are bunting. We will assimilate your architectural and decorative uniqueness into our own. Resistance is futile… #buntingkills #
  • Oh the horror – bunting covered blimp explodes in flames landing at Lakenhurst, New Jersey… #buntingkills #
  • #buntingkills bunting causes low flying birds to crash in the streets, exploding on impact and killing party goers…. #
  • Hope we don't find @richarddignall cocooned by that spider that went for me this morning! #

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