Good Lord…it’s Easter!

Or, as a Christian, I should really say “Good, Lord…it’s Easter!”

I have to say that I didn’t expect to find myself writing a blog post today – it happened by accident after I’d approved a few comments on this blog and thrown out some spam.  For the last 2 months I’ve been on something of an Internet diet.  I’ve used the Net for work, kept an eye on Facebook and Twitter for personal messages and for photographs of my lovely Godchildren, but that’s been it.  I’ve made the odd post, but have tried to stay away.  Along with avoiding the demon drink, my Social Media retreat was part of my Lent Observance.

So, did I miss anything?

Well, actually….er…  Without going too much in to details, I’m debating whether to keep the diet going for a while longer, and put the time that I would have spent on facebook and Twitter in to my Blog and the ignoble art of making money. I’ve actually been less stressed and worried and irritable than usual, and I do believe that at least part of it is because I’m ignoring all those folks on Facebook and Twitter that don’t just wash their dirty laundry in public but also dry it, iron it and then point out how they’re carefully putting it all in the drawers for future use, complete with lavender scented sachets.

It brought me up sharp when I realised how much this bugs me; to be honest, if some folks I knew carried on in real life in the way they do on Social Media I would have dropped them from my Christmas Card list years ago!  Which is the real them?  Which leads me on to the next question – which is the real me? Social Media Joe, Blogger Joe or day to day real world Joe?

I hope that they’re all the same – or at least similar enough to not cause too much dismay to people around me.

I want to be…WYSIWYG!

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