Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • The revolution begins at home – Opinion – Al Jazeera English via @ajenglish #
  • Shame on BBC and Sky not reporting protests about NHS bill on Westminster Bridge #blockthebridge #blockthebill #fb – censorship. #
  • Jobs was utterley ruthless – @wisemonkeyash – and that's how he did what he did. #
  • Sunday 9th October is International Day of Prayer for the life of Yousef #Nadarkhani – please r/t and pray. #fb #
  • “@HLMenckenBot: The average man doesn't want to be free. He wants to be safe. – quite a bit of truth in that. #
  • Kind of scary – Global Financial Meltdown within the month? #
  • Take a look at Hillsborough Forum on Natwest Communityforce. Vote for HF to win £6,000. Go on VOTE!!!! #

  • Seven things you should know if you're starting out programming via @guardian #
  • My economic prediction is stagflation. Been saying this for months and given 5% inflation and effective zero growth, I recon I'm right. #fb #
  • #ff @harry_moseley – don't normally do ff, but this is a good cause. God bless you and yours, Harry. #
  • Nice tribute at #fb #
  • Bugger. Steve Jobs has died. Whilst never a Jobs fanboi he was a truly iconic figure. God bless him. #fb #
  • Hobbling to the Rawson! #

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