Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

  • #stallman – have said for years that his zealotry excludes a lot of folks from OS involvement. #
  • Should I worry that the bus driver is talking to himself… #fb #
  • Re. #localism fail @juliandobson – what if Camden decision politically motivated? in reply to juliandobson #
  • Good site visit with bill paid by Tuesday! A definite, if small, win! #fb #
  • Looking forward to iPad 2 so I can pick up some second hand iPad 1 s…. #
  • RT @bebackedup: Get files from PC to iPad without iTunes, using your BeBackedUp Account. #
  • Given JP Morgan's interest in buying a chunk of Twitter, anyone think we should be starting to build an alternative? #
  • Northern Rock are to re-introduce 90% Mortgages. The fucking audacity and arrogance of these wankers to consider this at this time. #
  • The Tories ARE in power, @Sinjy – LDs are just validating them. Unimpressed, I'm afraid. in reply to Sinjy #
  • Nah..had at least 2 others comment. @Sinjy LibDems have sold this country down the river to get this AV vote; not worth it. in reply to Sinjy #
  • Am I the only person who thinks the whole #AV issue is an irrelevant diversion from the mess we're in at this time? #

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