Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

  • Maybe time to register Zuckerpunch and Facepunch? #
  • that serves the People, not special interests. The US Coffee Party Movement. 3/3 #
  • Therefore, we must refuse to submit to this Machiavellian tactic. If we really want change, we must unite to demand a government… 2/3 #
  • Change begins the recognition that our current state of division is the result of a deliberate strategy to divide and rule us…. 1/3 #
  • Checking Old Joe's Book of Wisdom…ah…here it is…Don't Eat The Yellow Snow! #
  • RT @davidallengreen: General theory of Libs in govt? Coalition/partnership followed by 20-40 years in wilderness. #
  • RT @Conski: RT @VizTopTips: INFORM friends about the cold weather on social networking sites, as they might not be aware. /via @paulfoneill #
  • Naturally, you can Upgrade your Sky TV package online, but have to phone them to downgrade. 🙂 #
  • RT @robkelsall: When someone told me that Bernard Matthews had bought the farm, I just thought it was another business venture! 🙁 #
  • RT @lisaansell: RT @davelength: Can you believe that Bernard Matthews died on Thanksgiving? Turkey revenge. #
  • RT @Hills_Forum: Social tonight, please join us at the New Barrack Tavern, Penistone Road from 7.30pm – free buffet. #
  • Sky really bigging up Stuxnet – I love it when the media gets hold of something that's been fucking obvious to some of us for years…. #
  • #happinessindex Cam-Il-Sung and Clegg-Il-Sung lead the happy workers in song… #
  • RT @CateySmith: Try and get Officer U2128 trending. Kicking an unarmed 15 year old girl. #
  • RT @em3978: Wondering why people are so surprised about snow in november. Its winter! It happens! Every year!! #
  • If I've broken my foot again I shall be VERY unhappy! #

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