Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • Excellent news – teachers given protection from false allegations, change in 'no touch' rules. #
  • #basecamp – is basecamp broken or is it just me? Can't add items. #
  • A busy but successful day – now School Governors meeting and then more work later…busy, busy, busy! #
  • RT @CSLewisDaily: Don't think of God in terms of forms, because forms are limited and God is unlimited-C.S.Lewis #
  • Apart from @davidallengreen is anyone else commenting on Labour's civil liberties policies? Does anyone think they've changed? #lab10 #
  • 'Monsters' – interesting looking film… #
  • I tell you this…EM uses…. I tell you this…quite frequently! 🙂 #lab10 #
  • Miliband speech – not bad, ticked the boxes, woolly on some areas, but promising. 7/10. #lab10 #
  • Miliband talking about liberty – has he turned his back on ID cards? #lab10 #
  • Hmmmm…when was Labour EVER the part of small business and entrpreneurship? #lab10 #
  • Miniband making the right noises to each section of the party – sort of 'Labour Conference Bingo' #lab10 #
  • A remake of one of my favourites, 'True Grit', from teh Cohen Brothers – looks good. #
  • Man finds mouse in loaf – – and was most upset when it was pointed out that mouse had no tail…. #
  • Ah well, better hit the keyboard typing and get some work done! #
  • Reginald D Hunter on HIGNFY repeat on Gold – an American who gets irony. 🙂 #
  • Too true. RT @KeithWildman: Very sad to hear about Terry Newton. Too many young blokes taking that option. Really needs to be addressed. #
  • RT @twitterapi: Malicious Links on Twitter – A malicious link is making the rounds that will post to your account… #

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