Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • Sigh…perhaps why we need fewer quangos – #
  • FIFA demonstrate their fuck-wittedness yet again. Who the Hell do they think they are? #
  • RT @iaindale: Am so appalled by both BBC & Sky coverage of the Moat events I have switched off. 24 hour news at its very worst. Ghoulish. #
  • So…BBC Journos told by police to get in truck and stay out of way for their own safety. That's why they're still wandering around…. #
  • BBC News – hysterical people, hysterical journalists, nothing for sure… Suggest everyone shuts up until they have FACTS! #raoulmoat #
  • Suspected all along!! RT @britmic: hahaha #humour #ihope #
  • Woohoo! Twhirl working again – whilst Tweetdeck was good, I found it didn't 'invite me' to Tweet! #
  • Heading off for blood tests shortly – assuming they can find a vein…. 🙂 #
  • RT @Lisaansell: If someone who'll be dead within 20 years says it costs too much to deal with climate change- treat their views as suspect. #
  • RT @jackofkent you've no idea how annoying the "private sector = hideous liars v public sector=unbiased saints" thing becomes #
  • Client visit this morning and web service development this afternoon! #
  • Still having a world of pain with Twhirl…trying Tweetdeck! #
  • Anyone else finding Seesmic / Twhirl Twitter Clients a little brain-dead right now? #

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