Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • The Political Classes still don't understand – we, the people, come not to praise David Laws, but to bury him as one who has defrauded us. #
  • England did not deserve that result – Japan should have won 2-0 IMO. Not an auspicious end to the pre-World Cup campaign. #
  • Got a lot to do today and this week – definitely a good day to go to Church to start matters off in a positive way! #
  • A request to all Twitter 'experts' – you don't tell me how to run my life on Twitter, and I won't tell you how to run yours. 🙂 #
  • Laws has broken the rules and must face the consequences. There should not be an attempt to generate a 'homophobia smokescreen'. #
  • Coalition supporters need to realise that perception in politics is all – Laws could not possibly have survived in his particular post. #
  • Really don't get the outpouring of sympathy for Laws – he broke the rules. Just like Labour and Tory politicians previously. Hubris again. #
  • Coalition Science Minister promotes space industry in UK – #
  • Concorde MAY fly again! Best of luck to them – #
  • A request to ALL UK politicians – please be honest in your dealings, or competent in your dishonesty. #
  • Interesting blog post from @inspiremetoday: Inspired by #LOST #
  • RT @timoreilly: This story from @nytimes brought tears to my eyes, & triggered thoughts about how shame can inspire us. #
  • But having said that, Laws broke the rules, and the relevant sanctions have to be applied and the consequences handled. #
  • Yes, Laws has been a bad lad – but £40,000 is chickenfeed compared to what the collective incompetence of Brown and Darling pissed away…. #
  • FINALLY watched the last episode of Lost – satisfying and thought provoking. #
  • Exciting stuff happening for a car-sharing / carbon saving project I'm involved with – 2 local authorities about want to talk!! #
  • Shopping done – back to the day job! #
  • RT @MarkRMatthews: RT @PragerRadio: “Politically incorrect is a euphemism for truths that are painful.” #TCOT #
  • Early adopters of ID cards are apparently pleading that their cards are not taken from them – I gather even some slaves loved their chains.. #
  • Making good progress on site coding – need to do some catch up on my 'To Do' list though – need to write the darn thing! #
  • Excited about what's happening in Hillsborough these days – follow the Hillsborough forum on Facebook as well… #
  • The 'Miracle of Dunkirk' – a great feat by brave men and women – but maybe we need to focus more on the crisis of 2010. #
  • Good meeting with community assembly officers and other vcf groups – now home to work! #
  • Strange thing to say, but Bruce Springsteen and Richard Hawley fit together well on playlists! #
  • Spotify playlist: Bruce Springsteen – Magic #fb #
  • Newsnight on iPlayer re. Sheffield – yes, it will be painful. Shame the previous Government didn't think of this when they ran up the debt. #
  • Cooler day here in shiny Sheffield again – looking froward to a productive one! #
  • On the way home – good meeting on behalf of Hillsborough Forum #
  • Vegetating in #showroom If anyone from #gistlab around, please say Hi! #
  • hah! #gistlab – thanks for the help! Brain gets older, stuff runs out…. 🙂 #
  • New community space at Workstation in Sheffield – what's it called and can I drop in anytime to visit? #sheffield #geekup #
  • RT @Hills_Forum: Great news regarding Hillsborough in Bloom: Current feedback from the judges based on their spring visit is Silver Gilt! #
  • RT @bettakultcha: I remember what life was like before those 'Use by''best before' & now 'Enjoy by' dates came (cont) #
  • Woohoo! kicking off a new project! Yeah baby! #
  • Beautiful day here in Sheffield – full of meetings for me! #

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