Luvviedom rules – time for a dose of reality for some?

I rarely post twice in succession on the same item.  But hey, it’s a very wet November 1st, it’s Sunday, we’re still in recession and I’ve let my tea go cold.  Oh, and the issue concerned is one of those things that annoys me at so many levels – including making me wonder “Why am I so bloody annoyed?”

It’s Mr Fry again.  After the rattle throwing episode I mentioned here last night, it appears from this article on the BBC that the rattle was, in fact, on a length of elastic and has come back to Mr Fry’s hands. “Huzzah!  Call off the state mourning! Tell the luvvies to stop weeping!  Let Guardian readers rejoice!  He’s not leaving Twitter! ”

Now, let me state immediately that I am a big fan of Stephen Fry’s portrayal of the immortal Jeeves – the box-set of Jeeves and Wooster is currently spread out in front of the TV – and his magnificent General Melchett.  However, on Twitter, he’s a writer.  Writer’s get critiqued – it’s part of the job.  It’s inevitable that occasionally you will produce a stinker of an article (I know I have) or even a boring Tweet or Facebook status.  Again, I know I do…..  It comes with the  territory and to be honest if you don’t balls up occasionally and mis-read your public I wholeheartedly believe that you’re not pushing the envelope hard enough.

We now have Alan Davies wading in:

“Alan Davies, who stars with Fry in the television quiz QI, also waded in, calling the criticism of him “moronic”.”

Hello?  Earth calling Alan?  Why is criticism of Stephen Fry ‘moronic’?  He’s human like the rest of us and will occasionally be boring to someone.  If not, it isn’t personal enough.  Some of my friends may well be very interested in the fact that I baked bread a few days ago.  Others won’t give a toss.  And that’s what life is like, Alan.  You can’t please everyone, all of the time.  (Oh Lord…I like Alan Davies as well….sorrrrry….)

The original poster of the ‘boring’ comment has apparently been on the receiving end of abuse from a baying mob of Twitter users.  This is the dark side of Twitter – dare to make an unpopular comment and the local-yokels will be turning up on your electronic doorstep with burning brands, pitchforks and nooses looking for an online lynching.

I’ll give Stephen Fry his due – he commented as follows:

He wrote: “Arrived in LA feeling very foolish. Wasn’t the fault of the fellow who called me “boring”, BTW. A mood thing. Sunshine will help. So sorry.

“Feeling terrible for that poor guy. He had every right to call me boring. Not his fault it caught me at a vulnerable time. Pls be nice to him.”

He also apologised to the critic.

All now appears to be well in the world of the Luvvies.  But maybe Fry and a few other celebrity Twits, Bloggers and Facebookers need to get a dose of reality from this story.  If you put yourself up in this way you will get criticism.  It’s inevitable.  But these critics are your fans and people who bother about you.  They keep you gainfully employed and support your lifestyle.  And that lifestyle is a privilege that your fans give you – when you’re in LA or wherever, whinging about a perfectly legitimate item of criticism, or here in the UK calling someone who dared to criticise someone ‘moronic’ – do remember that those fans of yours who don’t have your ability and lifestyle actually pay your wages.

Be grateful to them.  If you engage in conversations with them through Social media, play the game and be mature enough to take the occasional bit of crap.

In other words, grow up, stop whining, and appreciate your privileged position.

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  1. I don’t object to whatever Fry and co want to get up to on Twitter or wherever – they can throw a strop as much as they like (for the record I am a Fry fan and do follow him on Twitter).

    What I don’t like is that this is treated as newsworthy enough to feature on the front page of the BBC News website – absolutely ridiculous.

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