Life is what happens…

when you’re making other plans, according to John Lennon!

And it certainly seems to be the case that blogging is not what happens when you’re assailed by the requirements of life and the ‘day job’!

What’s been difficult in the last couple of weeks is stocking ideas up for the blog but never seeming to be in a position when I can actually settle down and do anything.  Now, there are two ways I can look at this; one is that I’ve been so busy that I’ve just not been able to touch base with a computer, or the other is that I’ve just prioritised blogging downwards for a short while!

I’m afraid that I have to plead guilty to the latter; a side effect (which I should have guessed!) of Facebook was that I suddenly found myself touching base with friends I’d lost contact with a decade ago, talking about new projects and new ideas.  All good stuff but something of a phenomenal show stopper!

So…be prepared for Facebook to seriously damage your ability to do anything else!

Of course, the day job also had it’s impact, along with a little more socialising with real life friends than usual. 

But, enough excuses.  I have ideas, I have a little more time, so I’d better get going.

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