Web’n’Walk to the Rescue

Well, BT decided to throw some sort of unholy wobbly on me this evening and I ended up being unable to contact numerous sites I regularly use (including this Blog) and also experienced extremely slow performance on other sites and mail servers.

The irony was that I couldn’t actually get to BT’s ‘Service Status’ page – it kept timing out – which I guess gave some indication of where the problem lay.

After a fair amount of grumbling and head scratching I finally remember that I had the Web’n’Walk modem available, and put it to work with good effect.  It allowed me to confirm that the fault was within BT’s network – I’d already mainly confirmed this with tracert –  and also allowed me to get back on line.

A few strange problems – I’ve found that IE7 is now giving some rather weird ‘tinyMCE errors in WordPress, errors similar to that which you get with a misconfigured WordPress setup.  As the only thing that’s changed is the ISP I’m accessing the site through, I’m a little perplexed.  The quick solution for this has been to use Firefox – I’m not sure whether I’ll sweat it too much as at least I have a work around, but it is certainly frustrating.

Anyway – the WnW kit seems to be behaving fine, and I have a whacking 10Gb monthly allowance, so I’m not terribly bothered about BT sorting their act out for reasons of cost.  Although my OH will soon start getting stroppy if the performance problems impact on sites of interest to her… 🙂

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