It takes a lot to sleep through an earthquake….

But I managed it.

As it would be churlish not to mention the most powerful earthquake to hit England in 25 years, I feel honour-bound to post a comment, but my involvement in this national event is hardly glorious.  I was awoken by my wife who claimed the bed had moved, and could I check under it.

As I know that there is no room under the bed for Boogiemen or even fighting cats, I was a little concerned by what she expected me to find, and had visions of Poltergeists wanting a word, but manfully did so.  I did toy briefly with the idea of looking under then pretending to be sucked under the bed, screaming all the way, but I felt that the consequences (wife with heart attack, or, more likely, me removing a large object from part of my anatomy later in the night) were not worth the effort. 🙂

After not finding anything untoward, I suggested that I must have had a nightmare and violently kicked out at wife and male cat sleeping on bed.  I surmised that they would both be asleep and my action would wake them and make them think that something had happened.

I, and our female cat, slept happily through the whole business – I think this reflects the personality split in the Joe House – two of us are so laid back to be horizontal….

When I did get up and found that we had had a ‘quake, I felt rather sad that I’d missed out on yet another of the experiences that constitute life’s rich tapestry.  Ah well, maybe next time.

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